Plant health care programs are designed for the needs of the client and his/her trees and shrubs in mind. We all want to have healthy looking plants on our property and sometimes a little intervention is necessary to protect our investments.

Xanderbuilt treats a wide variety of plant issues and will custom tailor to the individual needs of the client. It is imperative to choose the correct diagnosis and method of treatment. Carelessness in spraying can cause severe damage to surrounding plants and other living things, including humans. A Certified Arborist will come and provide an evaluation of the trees and shrubs on the property with recommendations for treatment if necessary.

We can treat a wide variety of plant issues (including the Emerald Ash Borer) and can target the pest/disease at its most vulnerable state. Fertilizing is a very common maintenance practice due to some of the nutrients required for optimal growth not being available in the soil. We can create a fertilizing schedule for any and all shrubs/trees so that they are receiving the right levels of nutrients and they can stay vigorous. In severe cases, a direct trunk injection of a particular nutrient can be used for a more immediate effect. Keeping plants vigorous allows them to fight off disease or drought whereas a weak plant might succumb to a harmful environment.

Periodic monitoring is recommended so once an issue is discovered, it can be addressed. Every homeowner has different expectations for their landscape and it is our job to help facilitate that vision.