Here at Xanderbuilt we specialize in the removal of trees by art of climbing. Whether the tree is dying, diseased, dead, overgrown, or just in the way of your future landscape plans we can do it! We have many rigging/roping techniques that we incorporate that allow us to bring the tree down safely without harming other trees/plants in the area. Climbing the tree allows us to leave as little footprint on your property as possible in the removal process. Using large bucket trucks/cranes can cause permanent damage to roots of the surrounding trees as well as leave deep trenches in the soil from tire tracks. Losing a tree can be very devastating for a homeowner so we try to make the process as seamless and painless as possible. Xanderbuilt takes the upmost care for your property in the hopes that a job well done at a fair price will be awarded a call back when the need for our services presents itself in the future.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an important part of the tree removal process. To insure the tree will not regenerate, grinding the stump is necessary. There is stored energy in the roots of all trees. Some trees will actually use that stored energy and produce new, vigorous growth sprouting from the stump. Not to mention looking at a stump in the middle of the yard isn’t the most attractive thing to look at. Grinding stumps is the final step in the process. We clean up the mess, take it with us and you can hardly tell there was ever a tree there.all-phone-pics-893