Often, trees can form areas of weak attachment due to improper maintenance or damage caused by storms. Unfortunately, this aspect is often overlooked and it’s then too late to help the tree because the limb/trunk has already split off from the tree. We offer two different types of support systems. The most commonly used is called cabling. Installing a cable in the upper one-third of the canopy connecting two or more trunks of the tree together dramatically improves the structural integrity of the tree. This only allows one trunk to move so far before the cable tightens and holds the trunk from overextending itself and splitting causing permanent damage. Several cables can be installed in a single tree if necessary. The other form of support is called a brace. Usually on the main trunk, a split of two co-dominant stems has already formed and opened slightly. We can drill through the cross section of the tree perpendicular to the split, install a steel rod and tighten it down with washers and nuts on both sides. The tree heals around this brace and permanently holds that split from opening any further. By just using a little hardware and some elbow grease we can save a tree that might have otherwise had large trunks breaking off, damaging property or even worse, causing injury to people.